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Virtual Production offers unlimited creative possibilities and is the future of virtual sets and real-time animation.

It is a highly effective immersive technology with the potential to impress!

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Virtual Production is revolutionising the industry

Virtual Production is a LED virtual production studio/stage. It allows Film Directors to post their talent and products into any location of wish, without ever leaving the film studio. This can eliminate the need for on-location shoots and provides independence from seasons or weather conditions
Studio filming is carried-out using a camera equipped with a positional tracker, in-front of a large LED wall displaying virtual backgrounds. This world-class solution can be used in live events, broadcasting, film, tv shows, commercials, music videos and advertising. Nearly all scenery can be displayed with physically correct lighting conditions and extended with virtual and augmented reality possibilities. This is a significant advantage over conventional chroma screen shots
Our primary goal is to offer optimum benefits for our clients. We offer a 360° service to accompany your production from idea to post
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Realism on set

Camera movement is synchronised with the virtual background, the parallax shift creating an illusion of “depth” in the scene

Be anywhere

Locations can be changed as instantly as environments are created

Light & Reflection

Talent and Products are illuminated in real time and reflect their environment from the LED wall

Extend your set

Virtual background scenes can be supplemented with a "physical" foreground  


Virtual Production not only provides you with significant cost and time savings...

By filming with a virtual background rather than chroma, Actors can realise their stage position from the scenery. There are also no more blurred transitions from foreground to background and with very fine objects such as hair
It brings huge advantages to workflow as well. VFX Artists can now pre-prepare framing and scene selection for the day of shooting, whilst Film teams can visualise filming locations before a shoot to make better creative decisions. Post-production correction loops are also shortened due to flexibility in the studio
Finally, using several LED screens all around the actors, changing in real time to match the desired scene, the actors are always shown in the perfect light

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All-around LED Shell
High-End Hardware
Unreal Engine Tools
Industry leading Motion Capture
First-Class Production Hardware
Film and Broadcast Talent
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Full LED Wall
18m x 4,5m 180° curved high resolution LED background with 2.6mm pixel pitch
12m x 8m LED ceiling and two 3m x 3m mobile walls for illumination with high light output and 6mm pixel pitch
Over 700 LED panels powered by four high performance render nodes Camera based tracking system suitable for tracking camera position as well as motion capture of persons and objects
Film and Broadcast
Backstage area, Bathroom and Showers, a Kitchen, lots of parking space and a wood/metal workshop
Unreal Engine Tools
We offer an extensive toolkit and expertise to bring your production to life. Everything you will need to leverage the benefits of a highly interactive film set.
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